Sweet Love Brings A Hero

Sweet love, sweet love always has everyone thinking if that special person is the one for them, but only time will tell if its not you that’s in their arms, then would you rather have it be someone else. Would you be comfortable if someone else took your place, if someone else took what was your priced possession, that one thing that was the happiest part of your life.

The one thing that made you happy the most out of everything else that you’ve loved more than your family, friends, or even the jobs that you love to do. Of course the answer wouldn’t be yes, unless you’re really wanting that to happen, then why bother waiting and just break it off already.

Everyday there’s are always heroes brought into the world, young or old doesn’t matter they are some kind of hero. It’s not what they didn’t do that matters its not the past that brings them to be a hero its what they do that makes them how they are. In every person there’s always a hero, who’s hidden in the person.

That hero is only shown in the most unexpected moments, as people judge them for there looks and begin to underestimate them, the always prove people wrong when the have the opportunity without telling anyone. Unexpected happens in both good and bad, but either way they give a benefit towards the person. All you have to do is hold on to what you have, and make the best of it, because the hero will always be find in you. When you look inside and see the truth that a hero lies in you.

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