Tear Drops Get You Through Darkness

Lightening doesn’t strike the same place twice, but if an angel cries does that mean they lose there wings, or are they just waiting to be seen by the one person that sees them everyday. Would you be able to tell if its a little boy or girl, or would you think that they’re an angel instantly. If every thing was an instant incident then we wouldn’t be really experiencing true love, pain, and hate.

We will always miss those who left us in one lifetime or another, but we’ll meet with them again in the next life. When people pass are they really gone or just in a better place where they could watch us and look down at us. Every place we leave from or to, we leave a part of us, we leave a part of our lives, we leave memories that we made, we leave friends whom we used to be close to and always will be. When a person is unforgettable they’re someone you know you’re always going to be close to.

Leaving one place and moving to another isn’t really saying to goodbye its mostly saying I’ll see you soon, not sure when, but hell its whenever we run into each other again. If life was an act you’re the actor and love is your friend, while pain is your enemy, its not everyday you can say,”I found my heart!” because love comes and goes, but it never dies.

You can fall easily, you can doubt yourself as many times as you want, you can put yourself in the dark and shut people out when they’re trying to help you. Soon you realize that you’re all alone in the cold world, and although people always say follow your heart and follow what you feel is right, may not seem right to other but feels right to you. You should never hesitate to ask for help, and also stand up for what you believe, because when its pouring down through the rain you know you’re going to make it through.

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