See You

Take a step back from the past events that has just happened to you. You’re in a situation where you’re confused and you believe thinking with your heart is that best choice for you at the moment. Keep the person at the back of your mind and start thinking more about yourself. You knew you already had you’re plans set, but it was pushed aside and you let the other person into your head, knowing what would happen. When you try to stop something you need to keep going until they give up.

A broken heart isn’t really a broken heart, but its only another piece that’s been taken off your plate to see, how much longer you have to reach the end of the larger picture. Now you’re plan is still set, but you need to piece together what makes you, what makes you who you are before you met them. You know you have to think with more than your heart, and you can’t fly, but you still have that ground that you’ve been walking on since you started crawling. You still have that courage in your heart to pull you through any.

If you took you’re negative side to bring you to where you are now, keep using that same side to get yourself to see the real path for you to break through this and move forward. The unexpected will hit you, but you need to decide whether its right or not, and you, yourself can’t not wait for the world to change. Since the world will never wait for you to change, your an angel of your own to others and other people are angels of their own to you.

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