Bitter Sweet Lies Get To You

Life will begin at its worst before its at its best. Some say those sweet words that make you smile, a lot but could those same words be bitter sweet lies? You will never know until happens, and you start thinking about it again. Of course you’d always say you put yourself first before anyone, then when something good happens, a part of you feels like its too good to be true.

When you suppress your own anger to not take it out on others, you’re own thoughts become limited to what you and the other person would have left. Some people would say guys are guilty until proven innocent, which is true. If they prove you wrong and they can get along with almost everyone you know even you’re friend and family, then you know you have someone who’s good.

But if not then its time to move on to the next. Don’t get me wrong, even men have the same generalization about women, that sounds even more harsh. But when you have a heart that’s been broken too many times, you either have two options, to really not care at all but yourself, or just move on with life to be better.

2 thoughts on “Bitter Sweet Lies Get To You

  1. At least moving on is an option.

    Relationships always seem like a balance between you and who ever else. Every little irk at the time, who wins, who loses, what common ground. How much you can give in before your demands have to be met too.

    It's never easy, but if things end badly, just move on, and look out for yourself.


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