Second Chance For A Second Life

Breathless she stands at the door, the front door of a building. Breathless she stands there thinking, thinking if this is the right place for her. The right place her to start what she finished a year ago, or should she just take the planes and uniforms instead? She tries just to focus on one thing but her mind keeps being pulled towards the other and when she tries to focus on the other she’s pulled back again to the first thought. She’s thinks about how different she knows she will act, or how different she could be.

She walks her normal walks through the build moving around wherever she has to do, and slowly breathing whatever breaths she could take. As she walks her ways she always hears whispers asking, when are you ever going to take off that clown suit, when are you ever going to remove that mask, or why are you even wearing a mask. This mask, as you call it is no mask, the mask that was me has fallen away, fallen off into thin air.

What mask you thought was real was only a cover up to build a strength, a strength that could have been shared but was pushed away. She has her chance at a second life, and she’s doing everything she can possible not to screw up again. But every time she attempts not to screw up there’s always that slight chance, that something pulls her back to make her screw up.

Once again she gets out in the sun takes a minute, to sit down, and listen. Listen to the sound of the birds, and feel the wind blowing against her skin. Now she sits in this one place to think, walk through memory lane, through all the good memories that she’s had with the most amazing people that she’s encountered in life. When people asked her, “Why you don’t talk to me anymore?” When they’re the ones that stopped talking to her. Until now she still sits in that same exact place thinking of the next move, next step she’s going to take to alter her life to keep it brand new.

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