What Does Your Heart Say?

Love doesn’t run love doesn’t hide or turn away from a fight, as long as you’re there. If you know what love is, then keep it close, keep it close to you, and never let it go unless it doesn’t feel right. You could wish for the good or the bad, but either way its a wish that could happen by coincidence, or happen on a lucky day.

Some people wish the for the worst to happen to people, and some people wish the best to happen for people. This little girl growing up was full of sunshine, full of smiles, and as she grew up and became a beautiful mess. She looked back at her life and wondered, what happened. Every year her birthday came around, she wouldn’t see her birthday as a birthday, but more like any other day.

You can tell people anything that you would consider the truth and at the same time not call it the truth. If you could fight for anything in the world would you go for it, or let it fly right out of your life. Would you take it seriously or take it lightly? Would you break it, if it didn’t feel right, Or keep it a secret and ignore to see if it was really worth it? Your heart can tell you anything, but will you listen to your heart or watch it break?

2 thoughts on “What Does Your Heart Say?

  1. I think this is a really good observation/thought….
    I can relate to this a lot actually. I love the concept of love itself, people in love, friendships, families, relationships… everything. I just hope that because I love so much that isn't going to be the one thing I never am given back, because that is all I've ever wanted. But I am in love…and I am fighting to be with a certain someone who is very different than anyone I have been with before… Hopefully we can come together- if it's love it will happen, that's what I believe. But I loved this… ๐Ÿ™‚ Definitely a topic that has consumed MANY of my own thoughts. Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚


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