Go For It And Get Through It

People say they’re going home, because they want to go home, people say they’re staying home, because they can’t stand leaving without the fear that something will be taken from them. A house is not a home without a heart, but where does the heart belong with its gone black and numb. In every black heart there’s a little white light that still stand, but it never shows unless someone pulls it out of them to make it grow. If you start out broken, you know you have to start somewhere to change.

There’s no way you can come home to something broken unless it’s all you have you know you have to make it better than expect, better than everyone and anyone, who looks down on you. You promised yourself that there will be a time that everything will be unbelievable. It’s not the weather that makes you, who you are. But it’s you that makes you who are you. Parents are just the starting of your own life they are the foundation that teaches you the skill to make you move to where you want to be.

It’s the people you meet who shape your personality, but it’s you, that makes your future. Good or bad was the past don’t let it consume your mind because it will bring the worst out of you. Your life is what you make of it, you’re rising, you’re buildings to your city your falls are the break downs of your hatred.

There’s not one thing that everyone regrets but they put hose regrets behind them to make them move on. Those who look down on you, attempt to believe who you really are, but they never know. They see your weakness but they don’t see how brave you can be. Your miracles break the walls down to make you stronger, your strengths pull you forward, and it forces you to let your past go. You start over, you start fresh, and you start life back from scratch to make things with yourself right. Nothing with be right with anyone else, unless their right with you.

You control your world you let your fears go. You hold your head high with a covered face full of masks that cannot be broken anymore. You break the walls that pull you back, the walls that try to kill your freedom, you burn the bridges that kill your feelings to avoid the negatives but also use them to push forward. Your peacefulness is the one thing that keeps you together because all is shattered.

Before your temper glass breaks your patience has your holding back every in of fire light anger in your body. Power is not found in others but in yourself, if you keep it that way you’ll reach the top with the hard work you have. Break that power in yourself and you’re stuck at the bottom of the pit. Don’t generalize what you have because others could be in the same situation only much worse.

It’s the world that has you sucked in to following others and doing what you said you wouldn’t do. Its life that takes you where you want to go, but it is you who will know what you want to know. Perfection isn’t the answer to life, but it can be what you like instead of what you want. What’s not perfected is what’s given for you to fix from broken to functioning.

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