Darkness For Hope

At the bottom of every person’s cold heart, is a small white light that is waiting to grow. Leaves fall through the seasons, as the winds pass through the air, as winter slips through the cracks of our doors, windows, and chimneys. Each day we look forward to something different, and we fall back at the same time. We forget who were are for a second, and realize we made an action against what we really believe in.

I could run from you, I could hide from you, I could disappear from you, but why should I even bother hiding anymore. I’ve hidden for so long, I can’t even tell who I really am anymore. Every time I close my eyes, I see a brighter day whenever I talk to you. Every time I try to take off a mask, I can’t seem to rip it off, and even if I just ease it off my face, it stays stuck.

If I shall fall let me fall, to the fall where I can never stand. Let me fall to the black of nothing, the black of broken lies and promises. If I fail, let me feel the slap of pain hit me a thousand times everyday, to know that there’s always something, that can lift my lifeless body from the ground. I’m not broken, just chipped with A crack in the corner of my eye.

I thought I heard you say something, I thought I heard you say you wanted me around. Although I know your predictable lies, it makes no difference when you are telling the truth either. Doesn’t matter what you say, doesn’t matter how much you try to make me believe anything, they all just come up in lies. One thing I know is truth, I can never let you back in my life.

A crack in the eye, a scratch on the arms and a few cuts, with a bruise here or there, isn’t much but memorial scars of my worse nightmare. A painful expression is filled with nothing but lonesome painful thoughts, but still she sits in the night sky surrounded by darkness as she shines. She knows she still has the hope to live the next day.

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