This Time

When someone tries to play with your heart, play along with the game, but never fall for their trap. When someone tries to pull the same game that you know never worked for the past few year, you know they need to get over themselves and leave it alone. You know when the same stunt is pulled repeatedly, it becomes old. They know what goes around with come around and bite them in the ass when they least expect it.
If I look at you and turn the other cheek, it means I’m looking past the mistakes. But if I don’t say anything when you do the same thing over again, I’m waiting to see how far you’re going to take it until you see the worst of me. If you push your luck long even not to see my bad side, you should consider yourself lucky. If you have then you know how bad it will turn up if you pull the same thing again. 
I won’t pick up you’re slack of tears, but I will pick up you’re smiles. Sometimes the quiet ones are the strongest ones. when it hurts you’d want to go back to that person, not caring what happened as long as you can get them back. When it hurts you want them to see see you the same way you see them. When it hurts it won’t kill you, but it hurts so that you learn to move on and become better.
One day the young ones will take over the world and change what used to be our own traditions in how everything is suppose to be. We all have are ups and downs, but its our choice on how we look at everything to pull through. Its now or never, live through the difficult obstacles, and break down all the walls that stop you from moving forward.

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