I see the stars shining brightly at night.
They are so bright they light up the night sky.
Brighter than city lights they spread apart.
Distancing each other like people do.
Stars bring together romantic date nights.

They always bright people close together.
Glitters sparkle in the eyes of loved ones,
Giving off the effect of joy to all.
Wishing on the brightest star for some hope,
Believing that something new will happen.

Every night we all look up to the sky,
As we count every star shining to bright.
We try to count as many stars as we can,
Before their brightness fades into darkness.

There’s Always a Back Door

I wish people would give up on what they can’t get. I wish people would already just give up on me, knowing that I’ve already messed up to many times on anything. I always wished I could disappear I always wished I could just fade into thin air, and wonder what the world would be like without me.

If I never existed, I wonder how many people would act if they never met me, I wonder if I even matter to people who really care, if I never existed to keep the smile on their face. The same curve and held high with pride like nothing ever happened. I wish I was never even alive at all, because it doesn’t matter how hard I try to never fall back there’s always something that brings me right back.

The first time I saw you, I felt like I was home again. The first time I saw you, I felt like I was actually alive again. I never thought that this feeling would ever fly through a lock that closed itself from the world for a long time. When I lost my head I knew I left it somewhere, just never really knew where. When I turned numb to everything, I couldn’t see anything except darkness, and thinking there was always light at the end of every tunnel never really existed, and still don’t.

It doesn’t matter how many stars I could or how many stars I wish to wish upon nothing really ever happens to change how I look at things. The feeling of numbness and worthlessness are the two worst feelings that has ever existed in the world. I could fall flat on my face and just lay there, as time passes by, but I attempt not to no matter how difficult the lack of hope that falls over my head is.

Last Chance or be Gone

Every time I’m with you I feel weak, every time we talk I know I’m going to end up speechless. Even though we fight, sometimes, I start it to see how far you’ll go with it, even when I say I don’t want you sometimes its a lie, sometimes its not. The only time ever, is when I don’t talk to you and when I don’t, its when I’m not talking to you.

You’ve been the best I’ve got and even though you can do better, its not that you wont find better, you don’t see it sometimes I always ask why and doesn’t matter how many times you tell me its not that I won’t believe it at all, its that you always give me the same effect being speechless.

I will smile, I will laugh, when I’m with you, although my mind does drift you just gotta pull me back and I’m always here even when I’m with you, I still miss you like the idiot you gave your ring to the first and the second time. I may joke around about the serious things just to lighten up your mood, and when I can’t even do that then I start giving up.

If you’re crazy enough to still want to be with me then I must be damn stupid to let your ass go anywhere, even if its hellbound I’ll always say opposites, and be confused and scared about something but just give me sometime and it blows over in a day or two. If I act like nothing happened don’t let it get passed me just keep going even if I started from scratch, I’d would rather have everything back.