Sometimes Somethings Gotta Go

Sooner or later we tend to give up, sooner or later we tend to not feel like ourselves. We tend to do that things we usually don’t do, act ways that we’ve never really acted before. We’ll say somethings don’t really affect us, which could be true and false at the same time. Yet we still don’t know that we are constantly being judged everywhere we go, in everything we do, and in anything we do. If everything from a guy shown to a girl is just a dream would that make him, her fantasy guy? Would it even be the same if the positions were switched? If they were only dreams them why do people over think them, when it always brings their mood up or down when they over think about that one person who’s done something that no one has ever done before.

She traveled down a road not knowing what to expect, with a dream that danced its way up and down the dance floor. She changes the world in her own little way always leaving people judging and looking at her one way and treating her another way. She was gone for awhile and when she came back she turned into a triple threat to herself and broke down into pieces to other peoples eyes.

Mirrors fell to her feet, grass lands transformed into knives, while the sky started to cry and throw down ice and wind. Now this girl realizes when she left, she should have left and never came back. She walked down the blood red colored road, only having whatever hope of her soul was left hanging over her head, and a face white filled with not a single care. She keeps walking through grasses of knives and tears of rain and cold ice, as wound tear open on her skin she just keeps walking.

She keeps walking away from what she knew she could never come back to. she walks her distance away from what was never made for her, what she already have premonitions of in her dreams. As they became reality she only knew there was nothing she can do to fix the broken bridge, to spark the fire in her mind was complete suicide. The only friend she had left was nature’s dark storms, and cries. When she disappears, at first people will wonder, then they won’t care her, the last thing that will every happen is that they won’t even remember or find a single trace of her laying around.

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