The Unusual Boxed Feeling

Have you ever wanted to say something to someone who meant so much to you, but you’re only problem was you didn’t know how to express it in words. Have you ever felt like your body left like it hit a nerve to the point where it turned completely numb, and yet you were still making movements, and shaking at the same time. Did you ever question what was going on? What triggered it? What nerve did it hit to make you feel ice-cold chills rush down your back and leave you feeling like you’re trapped in box for no reason. You try to brush off the numb feeling but it keeps coming back like its layers of cloth piled up on you, as you sit in this tiny box, with no space to move, no space to breathe, not even a single touch of light is visible.

You’re stuck curled up in a little ball, hoping that the fright of the darkness and pressure pushing of numbness would disappear, and wondering when its going to leave. Wanting it to be set free from a temporary spell that has been casted on you, knowing that it doesn’t exist, you keep moving as much as you can and keep brushing off the unusual feeling until you finally just feel the cold breeze of the ac blowing down on you as you sit still in a chair.

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