Family and Their Miracles

               Ever got that nervous feeling about going to a place that you’ve never been to for a long time, or going to for the first time ever? You never know what to expect, or how to react to certain people of how they are. When you still have butterflies from everything that you know you’re going to enjoy your adventure. It’s not an everyday thing but at least you know its still going to be alright every time you play it safe.

               Worries are an everything, doubts are everyday things, so are once in a blue moons, but nothing can ever beat family bonds. Family are the people who brought you up, family are the people you grew up with, and family are the ones that would stand beside you through thick and thin, as well as good and bad. Family are the ones who will listen to you, and give you advice on any decision that you need to be made. Sure, you can have the most craziest memories with family, because that’s how you know you’re close with them and you can get along with your family.

               When you’ve come so far, you’ve become smarter, then you know you’ll follow you’re dreams, if you keep putting your mind to it because you know you can finish strong. God will always test you, but it’s you’re result in whether you pass or fail the test itself. Not everyone will be there to guide you or do everything for you. Like a child we all develop skills that will improve us and will need more improvements whether they’re really needed or not.

                 It’s amazing, how many different people you can connect with in your own family, even if you’ve never talked to them during your younger years. Its more difficult not to want just throw your anger at them for no reason with people you’ve been around with for so long even if you’re trying your hardest not to feel so discouraged at something that’s really nothing, but only a joke. Have you ever had a feeling that someone in your family is embarrassed you? Have you ever had a gut feeling that certain blood relatives felt that you’re an embarrassment to them and they wouldn’t talk to you after the first day you got there and talked to them for a little bit. You doubt they’re embarrassed of you, but still you second guess that doubt to be partially true based on fashion.

                 But you never know until you find out the truth. Even though it could also be the truth. Some people you can get along with, and some people you can’t get along with, some people look but don’t touch. Some touch, but don’t look, others don’t bother with either one. But why suffer for something that doesn’t seem like its worth it. Why sacrifice family that’s grown up with you for years, and break it. While they’re the ones whom have to survive with the only question on you’re mind would be when? When? When would they give their choice to make it own their own? When they know they should have already.

                Sometimes you wonder if everything you’re sacrificing is all worth it. You wonder if it’s really what you want, if you think about it you really have to look at it two ways, one way would be you’re positive side while the other is your negative side. Everyone has a saying, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”, when not everything goes your way, make a back up plan if the first didn’t pull through.

                If you have what it takes and you know can be what you want to be if you work hard at it to be where you want to be. Then go for it and do what you have to do to reach your goal. You may have that opportunity to always have a miracle, but when you do, take it if it feels right, and when it doesn’t just let it go. You’ll never know until you try it. Not everyone can save you but then again not everyone can give you want you wanted all at once.

                  One day a crazy though will pop into your head like its nothing and you’ll pull through with it, and some days its not going to be like that. Eventually we will always do something that will show up as a miracle later. At the end of the day life will be in the palm of your hands for you to handle and make as a master piece from scratch.

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