Something Feels Right But Its Wrong

               Perfect, what is perfect? What would be considered perfect? What makes anything seem, feel, sound and taste perfect? Perfect? What is perfect to you? To me perfect is a moment in time that feels like its ever lasting. Perfect is a moment where everything feels so right, where everything in that moment in time is always remembered many days, weeks, months, and years later. Perfect is when all the jigsaw puzzles fit together in place without the pieces moving out of place. Perfect is like your first moment of everything happening over and over continuously.

                When you put yourself in a position, where you think you can handle yourself and at the same time know that its the wrong way when you wake up in the morning. But yet you still wonder why you took the wrong way knowing that it was completely wrong either way. Have you ever had that guilty feeling, where you know you’ve done something right, but in the wrong way, it makes you wonder if you’re willing to throw all the hard work given and cared for you by others in the family or earned by you.

                 When you think that you’re own little world should be turned upside down from a white background to pitch black dark. And part of you would wonder why are you so luck in your own life. Sometimes you can’t figure out why you are the way you are or why you are where you are. Did you ever wonder what you’re life would be like if you didn’t meet the people you know now, or what would happen if you didn’t meet them in you’re life at all.

                 When you know that someone is shining down at you from heaven like so many people you had lost along the way knowing at some point you would cross paths with them once again, because it would take one sweet day. When there are things you haven’t told a person you’d have to find a way to tell them because you never know what result you’d end up with at the end of the day, whether its good or bad.

                 We all live to die and die to live the only thing that makes life worth the while to live is the fight you make yourself go through for you to bring yourself to where you are right now. Only difference between life and death is to live forever is to accept death when it come for us, because without death there is no life or rebirth. The fear of death will fear many to keep them wanting to live forever but without the acceptance fir death. There will never be a point to want to live forever and after, when all is said and done its always on our part.

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