To Be Broken Is to Be Stronger

Everything can be broken, but not everything is broken easily. There’s a difference to easily tell if a person’s broken or not. but sometimes the position switch to when a person looks unbroken when they really are and vice versa. But do you know what it looks like to be broken or to be unbroken?

Someone can be broken and use a mask of their own to cover up the shattered pieces in their life to keep their confidence and everything together to better their future. When you are broken you feel as if you’ve lost track of everything already been planned has been pushed so far away from you, that you don’t know where it all went. Its having your first year in school or on the job, everything begins to go well but after a while, when you’ve hit certain situations in your life, you begin to change.
You begin to start being someone you’re not and that mask that you’ve created consumes who you really are to be someone that you’ve originally made up as a cover for a protection to become you’re personality. Eventually, people will begin to notice that you’ve change, and some will already say something to you others may not til everything becomes worse for you. But those who try to make you realize things early before the become worse are the ones that you know will benefit you in the future. But if you don’t listen until you’ve made you’re own mistakes to realize it then you already know the statement, “I told you so,” will pop up in your head.
Some people won’t even tell you that you’ve changed but will still notice it and will take all the good that you’ve done and twist it into something that never really happened, only to see how much it will affect you. Only then they will realize where your weaknesses are and where your strengths are, but if they’re proven wrong then you know that you can somehow make yourself better.
Even if it hurts in the beginning that’s  just a sign of you encountering an obstacle and not rock bottom. this would be the one of the smallest steps to constantly keep moving forward, because all you can do is keep moving forward. Since no one ever said life is fair but they did said fairness will only be held in the hands of the person who hold the power to be proven wrong. If you know you didn’t do wrong the first time find ways to keep yourself off the wrong path.

You’ll turn out to be more broken if you keep holding back grudges and every piece of anger building in your body, and when that anger consumes you in the end of all your hard work that you throw it away for something that seems worthless, rather than beneficial. Even if you’re broken you still learn to put a happy face on so that others will not be affected, even with that you must have a good poker face to hide it well. But those who know you well enough would easily see even if you try to hide it as much as possible.
Not everything is a slap in the face or food given on a silver platter because its our own hands and mind that control ourselves. Its our own time that we take up to prove who we are and what we can do not mattering about where we are from or what’s in our past. Its better to be broken know and be stronger later because in the end you’re going to be strong for more than just yourself. Everything is always based on how you play your card then you know how lucky you are after everything you’ve done in your life.

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