Without Anything There Wouldn’t Be Obstacles

“Trying,” Everyone tries to do something, to get somewhere, to make something of themselves. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to say you need hard work to get where you want to be, or to better yourself. Not everything can be given on a silver platter, or a bunch of papers dropped on your lap, because you were given the tools to create the skills to make you who you are. Confusion will affect you in emotionally, physically, and mentally, it’s not something that only takes a day to get over. But a complete thought process to sort and resort all priorities and make sure that they are stabilize them to stay where they’re suppose to be unless there’s a change in plans.

By then you’d already have everything settled and back up plans in case the first plans would fail. Without the point of failing there will be no succession in the next move in a game, without the steps and rules to anything there are no obstacles made to make anything that seems difficult turn easier. Without words there are no conversations so without languages there is no understanding from others. Without the point of learning there is no point in trying for become the person you want to be whom fulfilled the dreams that they wanted.

Hard work is all we can do to reach our goal. Without the knowing what we can do to make ourselves known to what hard work we can do, is like underestimating our strengths and confusing them with our weaknesses. When you’re underestimated by others, then you suddenly start to build up the confidence to prove every person whom has underestimated you wrong, and when you do they finally realize that you can do better that what they see you can do. It’s never all talk its always talk and action. Without action and all talk people begin to lose confidence and trust in you at any cost for any help. But with proven action and evidence of it would come the development of trust and confidence.

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