Chances Can Get You Anywhere

When some people have another shot at life, they tend to abuse it, but do they know that they are? Yes, they do even though they’re repairing the broken bridges that they burnt in the past. They already know its not easy, nothings ever going to be expected as easy or to be easy. When you through yourself out they you think that its the right thing to do not fully thinking everything through, but when it ends too late you find realize that you can’t bring yesterday back and tomorrows another day. Today’s the only day that you have to live for those moments that come up as differently. You never know what’s going to happen, you just know what will be put in front of you.

Without failures there is no success, without trying there is no knowing what to expect. Like anything ┬áin life you have to put effort to be given what you really want, but you have to do it right instead of making it topsy turvy. We see pictures put upside down, we put them right side up, we see kids falling off at play grounds we show then that they’re strong enough to avoid the tears in their eyes from falling constantly. We seek our achievement over others as a base to knowing that we believe we see over them, instead we don’t really think that they’re almost as equal to us. The larger the dreams the closer the goal is.