Sadness to Happiness Is All It Takes

Have you ever felt so low that you were completely worthless? Have you ever thought that you had already torn through the battles and needed not to worry about the past as much as your future know, that your future was the most important thing in front of you. Have you ever constantly looked forward to not look bad at any memories that would trigger to cut your broken emotions?

What would you do if it was already the end, that last day everything would come to a shut eye. No I’m not talking about the end of the world, but I’m talking about the last day of the living, would you have created a bucket list to do knowing how long you had to live, would just go off living your life the same while everyone knew you were taking risks to make your life more thrilling to live.

One day you’ll get your own karma before you break a house built by someone else before you. You can talk about things that are dealing with you and other people you encounter, but never put a threat on people who were never brought up the same way you are or don’t do things you’re way because you’re nothing to them but a stranger. The only contact with them that you have is the one person that gave them life, and now that you’re even trying to take away from them.

Freedom is a words always used both in the right and wrong way. Though people change their way they sometimes pass up a good opportunity to live a life they’ve always wished for. Its a mystery to find out where people cut each other off and still pick up where they left up go grow closer than ever. For some people once the friendship bridges have been broken its difficult to put them back together. You wonder if things were different would you still go through them again or would you just change them, we all have something we want to change, we all have some obstacles we want to break.

Happiness what is it? Is it smiles on a Sunday morning? Is it laughs on a daily basis to live longer? It is being around people and enjoying the moment? Honestly, happiness is everything, its everywhere, and its in people you encounter. Happiness are the people you constantly smile with, the people you share your sparks with, the people you have your moments with. Happiness is the roses trailing to the bedroom or the huge teddy bear with a box of chocolates and a card on Valentine’s day.

Happiness is the spontaneous actions that love birds have, the moments people smile and want to remember them on, so when they look back they know how much good memories they’ve had with their friends, family and that special someone. Happiness are the butterflies that people get when they talk to their crushes or the days on a crazy weather, when a couple just stays in one place to do nothing to enjoy their company. Happiness is the smile at the end of every trail after hardships going to success.

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