A Face That Changes Plenty

She walked away from something that gave their all, she broke a heart that did everything for her, she now just dies a little more everyday. She left something that gave her a curve to her smile, she sent away something that she saw happiness growing in the future. If only she could press rewind she could make things better. If only she had the chance to start over she would have put her all into doing that she said she could. She if she didn’t do what she did, she could have seen things become better. she had something start out good, then become difficult and tried with all her might to attack the difficulty and make it disappear.

when it got too much she still stood by them, and never left their side when she had the chance too. She always knew that they could do better, with or without her. She saw that glitter in their eyes, that curve to their smile, that glow to their happiness.She wishes she didn’t fall, she wishes she didn’t make things go wrong, because she knew her heart belonged there even with all the temptation she hit.

Everywhere she walks, everywhere she goes, she hears voices that says to her don’t go. She knows she had it all before, but there was also something else in that future that she saw that wasn’t suppose to be there. Sadly, even to her she knew she had to pull away, even when things didn’t end as well as she thought. She knows that it can’t be from them, because she found someone new who’s made her happy. Someone she knows she can stick with, even though she shouldn’t compare them to each other she did.

She falls short with all that she has, she tries to bottle things up so that it doesn’t break and ruin peoples atmosphere to keep it together. Sometimes,she thinks she should disappear, and give people a breather to be away from her. She thinks people would always be better off without her being around, so keep them having their smiles constantly growing to keep everyone together. To her she can easily picture people without her around even after they’ve met her. Without her, she knows people can do better, without her words, without her face to be remembered, she knows they can cope.

To her when she keeps quiet things, seem to be better, even when its not she tries to keep up the tracks she hides to show everything’s alright. Her words to people sound depressed because she has more to say when her emotions aren’t all bright sunshine. She knows when she’s happy she has less to say, and more when she’s not. She knows when things doesn’t sound right to others would somehow seem right to her in the future even if she ends up in a difficult state of mind.

What seems likes a never never land is only a fantasy to her, she knows she has to let things go, and when she can’t she bottles up or speaks her mind. She knows if people can’t handle it, she has to change or she tries her best to deal with things without speaking a word. She has a mind of her own, and she knows that if she changes her full personality changes on everyone, not just one person.

If she’s cuts one part of her that makes her the person she is, to her its more than one thing, and gives her a whole new personality that doesn’t make her who she is. It gives her a personality where people don’t know her anymore. She knows if that happens she’s not her, she’s someone else.

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