Picked You Up Now Trying to Lift You Up

When you know someones digging their own grave try to get them out as soon as possible if they don’t listen keep trying as much as you can if they still don’t listen but they tell you what’s going on, and you ask them questions for them to think and you make them have a reality check and tell them straight up that their stuck. Then finally they have no idea what to do and you tell them what they can do but still stick in their own grave, let them dig it deeper because if they can’t make it out on their own with someone else they won’t make it out at all.

You’re damn lucky I love you as my sibling, because if I wanted to I could have just said fuck it I’m done with you, but I’m not because I’ve known you for so long and I already said I’m going to be there for you as a sister and best friend for you no matter what. Unlike other people I never walked out on you, I never let you fall into a ditch, I told you if they can’t get along with your friends and family their not worth your time.

If they won’t listen to you them save yourself fuck them. They won’t help you for shit if they can’t help themselves. Relationships are a two way road not one. If they can’t keep it a two way road so why the fuck are you still fucking staying around? If they won’t take advice from other people why bother being friends with them, why would you even bother being with them if they won’t even listen to you?

I wonder if you even really know what the hell I keep fucking tell you, knowing that you’re still going to do the same shit, and when I give you advice you take it but you don’t know how to interpret it right to where other people know what the fuck your doing or understand what the hell your saying to them. You can hate me for everything I told you, you can hate me for everything I helped you through, you can hate me for a lot a shit but without me as a friend where the fuck would you be?

If I didn’t know when you were asking for help I wouldn’t have saved your ass from almost dying. You better damn sure remember who the fuck keeps your ass in check when you need help, you need advice and everything. If I never kept you in reality check whenever I talked to you, you know you would still be doing the same bullshit you were doing before, and if you’re do damn fucking stubborn to listen to me then why the fuck are you asking me to help you out. I let you rant when you need it and I help you find a solution to your problems, I told you I’d let you do shit on your own and I have didn’t I?

Don’t I just ask you questions for you to think about how you can help yourself so that you don’t piss off other people or so that you can compromise with everyone else? And don’t you dare bother denying anything I’ve said because you should damn well know I’m fucking right, I’ve been nothing but supportive and proud of everything you’ve accomplished since you’ve been my sister right from the start.

I may have had my fair share of fuck ups but I’ve learned from them and I’ve already shown you your mistakes now learn from what reality I’m fucking telling you and learn from it damn it! No matter what I’ll still love you as my sister and I’ll still be your best friend no matter what.

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