Take A Part of Her and Replace It

She talks a lot but if you tell her one thing that she has done wrong, then she’ll completely change, you say you want the old her back, but you told her to change a few little things. She did and now you don’t like how it’s going, because you don’t like what you see. Let it be, if something’s don’t need to be said or don’t need to be told when you hear it’s not a big deal then just leave it alone.
If it’s important then it will be brought up to you she won’t be an open book. She closes up many times because it’s what she does. If she acts like it’s not a big deal then she means it’s not a big deal. Say one word and she shall hush, say another word and she’ll make a move, push her to the never ending anger and you would find yourself on the floor. Her dreams are only dreams, but her nightmares are almost true.
She hears the screams like the screeching of rubber tires burning on the streets leaving marks. She hears blade cutting up flesh like knives butchering fresh meat, she hears fire burning peoples souls as they all yell out, “I’m sorry!” She hears people arguing and breaking cars, crashes from left to right, back and forth, until all sides of the car is a compacted cube.
She watches blood seep through the seats of the car bleeding out the lives of the innocent while the murderers say, “She deserved it for being the Queen of the Demons, and she had become the Queen of the Damned!” From one innocent soul loved by many friends, family, and teachers, but none saw the look in her eyes.
The horror of which she had to prove a foreseen premonition that would take more than just her own live away. She had no care for her own but more for the safety of others, although she kept herself at a point where no one would hurt her, there was someone who would always constantly try until they found her weak spot.
She was no angel nor was she the devil, and neither a demon. She was a soul so rare that it took so long for people to see, some longer than others, some wondered if her attitude was a joke or the truth, but none bothered to discover. She wakes up gasping for air, after every dream whether it’s a nightmare or not she gasps for air. Some of the dreams seem like reality and some of her dreams are fantasy, she has had some dreams that seem like they’re a déjà vu, because they were either images from the past or things that were happening without being told or known.
When you took a part of her out, and realized she was different, you tried to make the old her come back when she was already fading out. She knew she wasn’t an ordinary girl, but she claimed herself as one, even though, people who knew her already knew that she showed a different kind of love.
A love that was always loyal, a love that was rare to find in people, she had a lot of power but that power had let her know what she was doing from the time she started her situation until the time she ended.
Her love is based on a trust, sometimes it causes her suspicion but if you see it the way she does it’s more unique that others. She was always surrounded by boys, so she never really had a sister figure. She looks at everything two different ways besides being positive any negative. The strange effects of her power of love will pull a person out of being trapped in the darkness, even though it not only gives a person hope but makes them see the world differently from when they viewed the world.
If you think about it everyone will say looks are deceiving, and first impressions will last until proven wrong. Many had looked down on her, and thought she was the lowest of the low. She had been constantly tested, from the disrespect given to her by peers to personal incidents that still haunt her to broken hearts given to people or given to her.
Many of her friends reflect her on break up songs because of her strength that she puts forward but that the setbacks that constantly look ad follow her. When she looks back she doesn’t only see the sadness that became a discouragement to her but also the happiness that made her the person she is. There was nothing that she did base on anything negative effects that had bogged her down.
She make still feel the reactions of what happens to her, but the first question she always asked and tells herself is, “Who cares what people think? As long as you get what you need done, you’ll be fine. Just make sure it’s the right choice and had positive effects on you.” Sometimes her moods are based on the music she listens to, or how the weather is, but regardless she keeps everything positive.
She’s told her does not become angry around her friends, but to her she always had a way out to relieve her own anger. Just like some people uses working out or doing something that they love, as a stress reliever, she uses writing itself. To her writing lets her escape to her own imagination, her own creativity.

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