Prayers Become Miracles As Fathers Love Lasts Forever

Prayers, are small calls for help, they can be answered later or earlier. Some are answered in time when hoped for and some are not. A father is not afraid of death but only afraid of how things will end up when he leaves the ones he loves behind. When we look up we see the same sky, and when we look around we cry the very same cry. We separated ourselves from other thinking that they are different from us, or that we are far more better than they are only to prove that we’re really all the same regardless of the situation and place.

We keep to ourselves to get through our goals right from the start, then when people think that we don’t exist or underestimate our smartness because of the fact that we’re silent or purposely say the opposite of what we really do to feed they’re views stupidity until what was told to them was shown as a slap across the face to be proven wrong. People will talk and play the nice cards to show a plastic face, or people will play the good cards and show who they really are, if they’re loyal enough they know not to do anything stupid to disrespect you. But if not then they’ve just completely lost their time in bothering to be around.

We tend to lose ourselves in society’s reality but forget to step back and realize that materials don’t really matter because its how things are done that gains the respect of your peers more than just the words that come out of your mouth. Some people speed through life not really having the time to take a step back to look at what they’ve done to enjoy much of the life that they’ve lived.

I can be scared to let you go but I’m much more afraid to watch you leave, because yes there have been things that we don’t agree on, but even then we still keep ourselves looking on the bright side of things to be better than the person before us. Hard as a rock and soft as a powder as you always say, the truth shows regardless whether the situations are good or bad. My days are numbered, but your years are numbered by hours.

The day I give up will be the only day that I would be laying on a death bed to say goodbye, but goodbye is a word I will never say even if I’m buried six feet underground I will never say goodbye. You tell me that you’d be turning in your grave if we let the negative events eat us alive, even if you don’t see it now we are trying maybe not hard enough but we’re doing what we could do.

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