I’ll Never Know You

I’ll never know you
I used to know you
 I used to know who you were
I used to know everything about you
But no…
I’ll never know you
I’ll never know who you are 
I’ll never know the person who I helped shaped from rags to riches again
I’ll never know you
Because… anything I say is meaningless. 
As much effort as I wish I could put into it
I will only be nothing but a passer’s by to you. 
 Nothing but words that won’t do anything, not even show a smile.
I’ll never know you, 
the person who’s changed to someone new and better. 
I’ll never know you,
 even if it picks at me by emotions, 
it won’t exist. 
So quiet I keep myself, 
to let you walk away, 
watch you be in a better place, 
where I won’t speak a word, 
or make a sound,
 not even show a smile. 
So it won’t affect me as …
I stand numb enough not to move,
 I force myself to stand still 
Not stop you, 
You won’t have to push me away
Because I know its what I did that made you walk away
 I deserve for you to walk out like I’m a speck of dust.

Did You Forget?

Any hoe can hoe you out, but if a hoe’s gonna be desperate enough to check you they better be damn sure to know that they’re gonna get the unexpected. Bitch, did you forget that what you want is already mine? Did you forget what you’re trying get is never going to be yours? I’m pretty sure you forgot that I still and always will be better than you by a hell of a long shot, because what you can’t pull off anything better than me. And anything I do, I do far better than your crackhead.
You can try to kill me all you want. But don’t forget he’s already chosen and you aren’t the one. You can track me on Facebook all you want to make sure I see everything you put. If you really didn’t give a fuck about what I say about you then you still wouldn’t be pushing what you’re doing.
You’re old enough to know where your boundaries are, and yet you’re still dumb enough to walk over them to territory that’s not yours. 
It doesn’t matter what you do he’s never going to replace me with you. To him I’m more than what you are, and more than what you will ever be. If he was going to rank us you know you’d be down low with all the other hoes, while I’d be there right by his side. I don’t have to outdo you, I’ve already out done you because I have him. You can bring all your memories, but those are only memories. That disappeared when you guys used to be friends.
Now you’re nothing to him. He doesn’t even want to talk to you, and you just throw things at me. You’ve lost your mind being stupid because he’s already rejected you and said he didn’t want you yet you still push everything. Sadly, you’re undoubtedly ugly as your personality. Your make up is done wrong you put rings on your face to make everything to look powerful when you’re weak.
Your duck face reminds me of a goose and you already know the person he comes home to isn’t you. And you can’t call me a bitch when you cussed at me the day we first met on here because that shows you who the bitch is compared to who was being polite. You can call me a hoe it’s no different from calling me a bitch. But if you have evidence of me being a hoe you have no right to call me one.