I’ll Never Know You

I’ll never know you
I used to know you
 I used to know who you were
I used to know everything about you
But no…
I’ll never know you
I’ll never know who you are 
I’ll never know the person who I helped shaped from rags to riches again
I’ll never know you
Because… anything I say is meaningless. 
As much effort as I wish I could put into it
I will only be nothing but a passer’s by to you. 
 Nothing but words that won’t do anything, not even show a smile.
I’ll never know you, 
the person who’s changed to someone new and better. 
I’ll never know you,
 even if it picks at me by emotions, 
it won’t exist. 
So quiet I keep myself, 
to let you walk away, 
watch you be in a better place, 
where I won’t speak a word, 
or make a sound,
 not even show a smile. 
So it won’t affect me as …
I stand numb enough not to move,
 I force myself to stand still 
Not stop you, 
You won’t have to push me away
Because I know its what I did that made you walk away
 I deserve for you to walk out like I’m a speck of dust.

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