A Smile Filled with Pain Earned Happiness

Everything runs through my head left and right. It’s like I have a war that can’t choose which side to pick. I lost it, I lost that sunshine. It’s gone it’s walked out one with that smile. That damned devilish smile that ripped my heart up onto pieces when I was a young girl. That devilish smile that gave me burns all over my skin. That devilish smile that signaled your workers to take a chunk of my last away. That worker that knew he really didn’t want to bite me.
He knew how bad it would hurt but he wanted his freedom. His freedom from pain, his freedom from your wrath so he took your bribe and pretended to be merciless. It was always that smile that was a signal for something,  whether it was sweet or painful. When he left, it was that same worker that bit me, that same worker came to beg for forgiveness, and I gave it to him.
I gave him his forgiveness, he kept it close, and in return protected me when you couldn’t do it. Although, he died a peaceful death, knowing what he died for, he had left with a smile on his face. Because he knew he did something right even if he was to be placed in what he thought he was a trap, he saw his goodness taking over and was lifted by angels.

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