Eye for Pain or Eye Pleasure

Everyone says music is their life, music is their love, and music never fails them. This is not true for everyone, but for some people. But for me, I see words, I see poems being made on the spot. I see words flowing through ink on paper, I see words being printed onto the screen with the tapping on the letter buttons on a keyboard. I look everywhere I go I see words written on the walls. Like inscriptions on a wall I see every word engraved with a pen and paper, either full of full of pain or full of emotions. Some happy, some sad, and some desperately craving attention for no reason. But not a single one shows the thirst for their passion that they so deeply day they crave for.

Have you seen it yet? That mask that everyone puts forward. A front that’s nothing my a brick wall served as protection to block out all the dangers that would hurt a person. A block so strong that as you grew closer to someone it would instantly break with nothing except a whisper. A whisper that could kill their passion, their motivation to keep them going for what they really want to be in life. That whisper can be a person’s strength or weakness. Just that one little itty bitty cracked in a mirror or better yet a window. Just one hard forceful throw at a window and you can easily watch the cracks spend so far in less than a second the windows glass shards can explode into your face at and cover you in scratches and scars. As dark as this post seems it’s really not dark at all, because the darkness of this post hasn’t fully been unleashed it’s only opened open a box that looked like it has been closed for years.

But the person who’s trying to keep it closed is trying so hard because they know once the darkness floats out of the box it would consume the person and they would never be the same person that anyone ever knew. They would see the light, but they would be heartless, cold, but still look young and had that innocent face that would fool you so easily. That it would shock you or maybe ever make have a flabbergasted expression painted on your face to look at them completely different. But that’s how the words are, aren’t they? Only letters put together and originally they mean something much more in the olden days but now have no meaning, and no luster, no shine to make it seem like it’s a word to be seemingly happy. Any would have been turned into something to mean the complete opposite of what it’s really supposed to be, with more words that are also sounding more useless than ever.

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