Revenge Was Never Needed

You ask me, what do I see when in look at you? You ask me, what do I hear when I’m alone in silence? You wonder, what’s on my mind when I’m quiet, but not when I’m loud. When you hear my voice you’re annoyed, but when I don’t talk you get angry. When I say nothing you start to worry, but I say something you sound like, it’s the last thing you’d ever want to hear. Why come to me if you are expecting fake words when I can only tell you what you can’t believe nor want to hear. You talk about me like you really know my life story, but you don’t. And when we don’t talk to you start to bullshitting everything, by putting people’s business out there when you know it’s supposed to be private.

But you complain when someone else does it to you even and you’re doing the same thing. You talk a lot, but you don’t stand up to the truth, just the lies to keep yourself looking good to make others look bad. Do because you think they deserve it. Maybe you should rethink what you’ve done, because you get mad at people for the same thing. Your eyes only live in a glass view only surrounded by the restricted area, that it’s limited to be seen. You only judge people by what you can hear and what you see, not what you know. You walk away in a different area, because you know you’re intimidated by me.

You walk away to a different place and wait if I’m gone because you know what you did was wrong. But still, you can’t bring yourself up to admit it. You give me the dagger eyes like it’s honestly going to affect me. Since you can’t handle the truth or the sight of me it only shows me that you’re not a coward, but you still hold your mouth shut when I’m there and when I’m not you plot your prideful mouth in the spaces you think you can easily play coy.

Revenge was really never needed to show how happy of a person you are. Revenge is never needed to prove that you’re better than someone. Revenge is never needed when you want to avenge someone. It’s common sense prove your worth and what your outcome is what proves people wrong. Make the wrong move to prove someone wrong, you’ll make yourself look more like a fool instead of the other person.

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