I am Not Sorry For Any of This

I am sorry if you are butt hurt for a lot of useless things. I am sorry if I am too busy for you, I am sorry if you cannot accept the word “No,” but you can accept the words “Fuck you.” I am sorry, you are such a miserable person, I am sorry you are the type of person that constantly stresses out over holding grudges. I am sorry you are a person who lacks trust, and is around negative people, but you do not allow yourself to change it to something positive. I am sorry you lack positivity, and only believe you are the shit.

Yes, you are the shit of your own life, but you are not the shit in other peoples lives. I am sorry you allow yourself to be a doormat. I am sorry you are depressed and know absolutely nothing about how to make yourself better, I am sorry you think everyone constantly lies to you, when you lie to everyone else. I am sorry people talk shit about you, when you do the same thing to them. I am sorry you can not handle growing up and only want people to hang out with you alone when they have other things to do and do not have time to do that. I am sorry you get mad when people do not want to hang out with you because they are always busy. I am sorry you rather have people hate you rather than appreciate you. But you put yourself on the spot to be under appreciated when you started mind fucking everyone.

I am sorry you cannot handle people being completely straightforward with you, but what you do expect someone to be nice enough to turn into your robot? I am not sorry for being busy, to get my life together, while you are miserable life is as sucky as you make it seem. But your own life is in your own hands if you cannot, will not, and do not want to make it better, then have fun being stuck where you are at right now. I am sorry you are fucked up in the head, but honestly that is on you. You made yourself fucked up in the head, you made yourself lack the capability to trust, and allowed yourself to be surrounded but shit talkers and liars.

You allowed yourself to be depressed, and not allowed yourself to let go of any anger and bullshit that you have against people. You allowed all that you are angry and butt hurt from others blaming it on them because you do not know how to handle being told the words “no.” Truthfully, even though I say I am sorry for what you lack, I am not sorry for putting your secrets and bullshit out to people, and I know I am happy without you. You ask yourself why people, who only want to be around you are those who only use you for materialism, because that is exactly what you show off, that is exactly what you put yourself out to be.

If you believe that people are classier than you are as a person, you need to teach yourself to be better than the people around, not only physically, mentally, and emotionally, but also personality wise. If you cannot get that, then you will not understand the meaning of putting yourself on the right path to being a better person. If all your doing is working two jobs, but you are being leeched off, and you are only sitting back and smoking it off thinking things will be better the next day, instead at that moment when you can allow yourself to change.

Then do it if you are not bother by it, do not be butt hurt when people leave you in the dust, when people hurt you, when people use you for material, because you are not only putting up with it, you are allowing it to happen, by not focusing on bettering yourself. So do not go and blame me for being a bitch to you, when you are being a doormat that demands people to bow down to you, and be butt hurt by someone who is too busy focusing on themselves to be better while you are sitting in your car jamming to music, and smoking hookah at home. It is your own fault that you refuse to listen to anyone, when people tell you something you do not want to hear. It is your own fault you allow yourself to be the dumbass you are, because busy woman attracts men and lazy ass women attract dumbasses boys.

You want to have a class where women can help, provide an appearance and make yourself look like you have class by proving it, not showing it off. You want to be a doormat and a dumbass, keep on doing what you are doing, because you can ask for as much help as you want, you can get all the help that you want, but if you refuse to listen at all. You will be degraded, you will be disrespected, you will be absolutely nothing to people, and all you will be seen as is a lost cause. Because right now that is exactly what you are with every person that has left your side and that has lost complete contact with you as a result of your stupidity. So no I am not sorry for anything I have written even if I did say I am sorry.