Hindsight season 1 review

Hello one and all and welcome. Now let’s get down to business. Some of you are viewing this page because of the fact that you are curious about the television show “HindSight” that is currently airing on Hulu or cable. You might be on the fence about watching it and just need a little push over the edge to convince you to take the plunder. Some of you do already know you are going to watch it but want a bit more information. Or it was by accident. Whatever your reasons are you are here. So let’s get to the point. Let’s get to the reviewing. Land oh!

Show Summary:

After having second thoughts on the eve of her second marriage, Becca finds herself sent back to 1995. She has time traveled into the past. To be more exact she has time traveled to the day of her first wedding, a marriage that ultimately ended in divorce. Upon her arrival in 1995, Becca reunites with her best friend Lolly -from whom she has become estranged in present day- then process to breaks off her engagement to her first husband, and resolves to use her trip back in time to correct what she sees as personal and professional mistakes

What’s to like?

Well there is a lot to like about this show. For starters the plot is different than most shows and the concept though overused has its own unique spin to it. If you are a Sci-fic geek like me, you might enjoy the time traveling Sci-fiction accepts of the show. Though it is more soft science then hard science it stay produce a bit of food for thoughts. If you are a relationship/drama junkie the is also something to like about this show. For me personally I loved the way this show portray female relationships in a positive way. I love the way Lolly and Becca though different from each other are capable of being very good friends while stay keeping their own identities. Like they are not clones of each others. I also like the music aspects of the show as well. Some of those songs I have never heard of but thanks  to this show they are now added to my song list because they are awesome. I loved the way the plot and information unfolded. It was like a puzzle slowly falling into place. 

What’s to dislike?

Well…the show could be a bit slow at times and some of the dramas where just there as a way to pass the time in my opinion if you ask me. That is there only downside in my opinion.

Would I re watched the first season again? Yes! Would I recommend this show? Yes! You bet I would! I think it is a good show with the potential to be something very great. I can not wait for season 3.

Where Are Your Stars?

When people see you, after such a long time, and they look at your eyes and ask, where are your stars? They give you a blank stare, not knowing what they’re talking about. Then they ask again, where are your stars, the stars that would light up your face? The stars that kept the curve to your smile, the stars that never failed you, where are those stars? Those same stars that made every moment worth keeping, those stars that stopped you from quitting. Where are they? Did they fade because you stopped believing or did you let them go thinking you can shine brighter without them? Where are your stars?

Corner Store Country Run

The annual Corner Store Country Run kicked off at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday, July 25, 2015. The participants were running to raise money for the Big Brothers, Big Sisters foundation. There were tons of people. Men, women, and children. Mothers even brought strollers to run with their babies. It was awesome. Every kid needs a roll model and Big Brothers, Big Sisters is a great foundation for those kids that can’t find that at home. They had 97.9 The Box out there early to dj and get the runners tune up and ready to run. I was there volunteering along with my mother and some of her coworkers and their families, handing out water to keep them hydrated. I’m glad to see people in our world take the time to get out and raise money for other peoples benefit. Thanks for reading and remember it’s annual so maybe next year join in and help raise money for a great cause!