Learning To Trust Again

Handle with care

Trust is not an easy thing.It is something that needs time and if it is not handle with care it is easily broken. Yet, how does one cultivate something so weak, so fragile, as trust? Well, the answer is not an easy one. It is something that takes effort and will not just happen over night. As the saying goes Rome was not built in a day neither is trust. However, trust can be build. So how can you create trust?

  1. First, you have to be honest with yourself and realize why…you do not trust this person you are trying to trust. If you lie to yourself you can never actually start the healing process. 
  1. Second thing you have to do is figure out why you do not trust this person. Is it because you do not know them well? Is it them? Is it you who have the problem?
  1. Third thing you have to do is decide after you figure out why you do not trust this other person in the first is the question whether or not you are going to trust them or not. This part has to be a conscious decision. Be honest with yourself. If you find that you just do not have the motivation to trust this other person walk away. However, if you do decide to try to trust them then follow the next step.
  1. Fourth thing you should do is take baby steps. Since your faith in this other person is weak and you are trying to build it up, do it like you do your exercise routines after years of not exercising. Do it slowly. Test this other person in small matters such as telling them a secret that is not deep or dark but to see if they are trustworthy. Or other things. Be creative. With time trust will build up. However, if this other person fail your tests go with your gut and walk away from them. They are not worth it.

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