Social Anxiety Disorder Shyness or How To Deal With Shyness

Q:So I am a naturally shy person and because of that I have notice over the years that I do not have any friends or only one or two friends at most. Because of my shyness I have been left out of a lot of things. It has also made my time at work difficult because people takes my shyness as me being stuck up. Is the something wrong with me? How can I deal with this? Do you have any advice for me?

 A:Well, first of all I want you to note that the is nothing wrong with you. The is nothing wrong with being shy. I myself can be shy at times. So what have I learn from this whole experience of being shy? Well… from what I have notice during those moments of being shy is well two things. Those two things I have notice during my moments of shyness is my confident level and my perspective, Which actually tie in to each other. So here is my advice on how you should try to deal with this. It help me a lot. So lets begun shall we? Okay first of all if you want to deal with this you are going to have to realize that something like this takes time and practice. Even I can something trip and forget and ends up back in my shell again. So if you do not notice change right away do not panic. Like excising you will begin to notice the change over time instance of right away. So what should you do?

  • Decide- For change to happen you need to decide you want it. You can not be half willed about it. Once you have decided and have a image or a map of what you want you then need to…

  • Perception- You are going to have to change your perception. You are going to have to stop worrying about you being shy and realize that the reason others do not approach you is because they themselves are shy too. I remember it was in high school when i realize this. I wanted to be friends with this one girl but I was so scared and nervous that I did not approach her. Then one day I took a deep breath and just walk up to her and said hi. Turn out she was like me. She was shy too and didn’t know if I would like her or not. She actually ended being one of my best friends before she moved away. So realize that you are not the only shy one. Sometime other people are too. Which brings us to the second point…

  • Confident- You are going to have to learn to be confident. It is something i learn from those moments i was shy. I learn that during those times my confident level was way too low. So learn to be confident in your self. And if you are not feeling it? Well fake it till you make it. The best way I have learn to be more confident is though changing my perspective, realizing that I am not the only one with the same problem. Surprisingly enough the are tones of people who have the same problems as me just cause they do not tell me at the beginning does not mean they do not.  They too are scared and nervous and hiding. So if other do not approach you. Well,you approach them and say hi. You just might end up making a best friend for life.

This is my advice anyways. 

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