Teen Vogue Magazine Review

     Every month for the past year or so I have receive in the mail a magazine call Teen Vogue. Now for those of you who have never heard the name before or have but forgotten what it is let me refresh your memories. According to a quick google search, Teen Vogue is a fashion magazine for teenage girls that gives tips on beauty and fashion along with news about up and coming new faces in the fashion world. Now as to why I receive it? I have no clue because I never subscribe to them but that is a different post. Anyways, for the past couple of months I have been receiving this magazine and over that course of that time I have come to grow rather fond of receiving it in the mailbox. And so today I have decided to do a blog post on what I have come to love about this magazine. Sort of a review.
  • First of all, it is cheap. I mean like really cheap to receive this magazine. Like $10 cheap for like two years. Two years! That is like twenty issues give or take some. Which to honest is the reason I do not mind having a magazine like this. You also get a free scarf…. I am a cheap woman…. Sue me!
You know you want me. *Wink* Look how free and sexy I am. Think how sexier I will be around your neck. Hmmm…. *Wink. Wink*
  • Second thing I like about this magazine is how up to date it is. Like very up to date. Which is wonderful. I personal do not want to read old news. I mean how am I going to impress people with my vast knowledge if I am not up to date? Like I would look like a total loser and as my sister love to say an “has been” if I was talking about something that happened weeks ago and they already talk about it and move on. Or they talking about it and I had no clue what they were talking about. Which brings me to the third thing I like about Teen Vogue.
  • The third thing I like about Teen Vogue magazine is how informative it is. I mean it is up to date but it is also informative which can allow me to pay attention if people I know starts talking and be not only able to keep up but add something to the mix too.

So in conclusion these are the reasons are love teen vogue for. And if I wasn’t receiving it for free (which I have no clue why) I would actually not mind purchasing it. What?! It gives me more for my money and as a self-declare cheap person I say it is worth it. 

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