A Dream From the Dark

My minds everywhere but my heart is covered by a guard blanket of fear. Left and right it looks, up and down it beats slow and fast it goes boom boom boom it beats. I think of nothing as I listen to the beats of sounds of music filling my mind with words. Some words are good, some words, are bad, some words are painful, some words are uplifting, and some words scar you forever. I hear the rain hitting the windows, while thunder crashes on the ground. The sound grows louder as closer thunder crawl on the ground, as lightning flashes at every step it takes. 
A little girl who was left alone in the dark saw a light that she tried to catch, but when she tried the light disappeared in an instant. She looked at her hands using her senses and found nothing. But she kept walking hoping to find that light again. She stopped and sat on the floor curled up into a ball to sleep when she felt like she walked for miles. She knows not where she is and doesn’t see what she’s walking on but thinks it’s gravel because of how it feels. She sees the light but she doesn’t catch it, instead she calmly walks yards the light in case the light disappears again.
As she keeps walking she finally catches up to the light and notices that doesn’t bother to move at all. She touches the light, and opens her to eyes to reality, then remembers that it’s was only a dream. Her vision is blurry but her mind is thinking straight, she looks at a clock it’s early morning. She asked herself what the hell was that?

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