Pick Your Favorite Part

Pick your favorite part of your life? Happiness, sadness, fear, laughter, tears, or smiles, and many more. Pick which part of your life is your favorite and explain it. You look in the light you see happiness, you look in the dark you see sadness, you look in the light under happiness you find laughter, you look in the dark above sadness you find fear. You look in the like under laughter you find smiles, you look further more in the darkness on top of fear you find tears.You look in the middle out of all your given choices you see balance between the light and dark, but what is that in between emotion, is it boredom, is it love, or is it the everyday things that you see.

Close your eyes for a minute, keep all your distraction in a box for a moment. You find three doors in front of you, each a different look at life but only goes in certain orders if what your mind picks. You walk in the first door and see an unrecognizable vision but you know what the feeling is because its a constantly hit every now and then. You see the colors around you disappear right before your eyes but you see less of what used to be smiles. In reality you’ve never changed at bit because what you see in your mind is non-existent pictures of colors put together like a drawing made by a child. Could you tell if a smile of a child is broken or the laughter of a happy person is taken to another place where you never thought it would go. Well that’s up to then they can go wherever they want but they can’t go to the future without reality. 

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