Horror Blogger Kills Her Parents!!!!!!! Read All About It!!!!!!

So while minding my own business this morning surfing the web I can upon something that got me thinking. It is a story on people.com (Click here to read the story) about a 17 year old girl who killed her parents and stuff her three younger sliblings in a room and lock it then left the house. Her reason for killing them? They were too strict and would not allow her -a minor- to be with a 22 year gentleman. Anyways the thing that got me thinking while I was reading this story was the fact that not less then 24 hours ago the was a hashtag tending on twitter that when something like this #Livingwithstrictparents. And though I found a lot the twits humoristic I can not help but wonder how many of them would kill their parents because they did not agree with their parents set rules. It also got me thinking about the fact that thanks to this girl actions more parents are now going to be more weary of letting their teens become bloggers and as a blogger that just boils my blood. Anyways that’s the news of the day. Leave a comment below if you believe this will cause parents to become even more restricted with letting their teens have a blog or am just overthinking it.

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