Solar Lantern Review

Solar Lantern Review
Need or want a light source that do not need messy liquid fuel or propane with matches? Do you also don’t want to use a generator for lighting?  Do you want something that you can use during a  disaster or emergency? Then a solar lantern is the one for you. Now the type of solar lantern that I got was the one by Gordon. There are hundreds of solar lanterns out the but this one I know and have used and this is my review of this product. First of all the pros and cons. So lets list them shall we?
  • Very affordable. At a price of $20 tto $30 (Depends where you buy it. At the Harbor Freight it is $19.99 and on Amazon it is $30 something.)  it is not half bad. Even I, a self-proclare cheap person, can be thankful for this price.
  • Never warm to the touch so no worries about burns or fire
  • It is portable and can be hang anywhere
  • Can be charge with a charger but it can be charge from just the sun as well
  • Rechargeable batteries 
  • Can be use anywhere: outdoors and indoors

  • Not as bright as other solar lanterns on the market.
  • Handle is light so be care or might break
Anyways that’s my review. Now for some pictures. This picture below is the Lantern in it’s box

This is how it looks as you open it up.
This is how it looks out of the box.

This how it looks when it is on and outside during the day.

As you can see a great product for the price that is offer. 

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