6 Blogging Tips for increasing Traffic to Blog or Website

First of all before we get started, let me make a few things straight. This is to help you increase traffic to your site be it a website or a blog. However, you will need to work at it. This is not one of those methods where you just built a website or blog then leave it alone and expect lots of traffic while you are gone. Nope. Sorry. If that is what you are looking for then you have landed on the wrong page. If it is not and you are just seeking advice then you have come to the right page. Let’s get started shall we?

Alright so you have built/create a website or blog and now you are wondering…What now? How do I get my product or information out there, so it can be viewed by others? How can I increase traffic? Well….let’s do a count down shall we?

  1. Content. You need to make sure if you have not publish your website or blog yet that you have enough content on each page. By enough I mean at least two or three articles or information on each tab page. Make sure it is something your reader will want to read and not just something you wrote at two a.m in the morning. You want to post up contents that are valuable to your readers.Something that will make them want to come back again to your website and read more of your stuff. If you have already launch your website or blog, I would suggest going back over your past work and revising and editing it a bit. Ask people close to you to take a look at it and get you feedback. Then write and continue writing. This is the first way to increase traffic to your website or blog.The second way is….
  2. Timing. You want to time how and when you post up or publish articles or post on your website or blog. My recommendation would be not to post or publish a article or post everyday. Yes…I know you are thinking but….Well no buts! Just hear me out okay? The reason why I say you should not post everyday is because you are trying to get your stuff out there. And by constantly posting you are not giving your other posts or articles a chance to be viewed. At most I would suggest posting three to four times a week. Not only will it give you time to write and edit your posts and articles but it will give your readers a bit of a breathing room. At least I would suggest twice a week so as to not have your readers forget about you. This is the second way to increase traffic to your website or blog. The third way is….
  3. Title. You want to create powerful headers or titles for your posts or articles. Something that will make your readers want to click and read your stuff while searching on a search engine. For this I would suggest the free tool by google called “Google Keyword Planner” which can be found in adword. It can help you decide if your header or title is powerful and searchable. This is the third way to increase traffic to your website or blog. The fourth way is….
  4. Social medias. You want to join as many social medias as you can handle. Social medias such as fackbook, twitter. tumblr, google +, bloglovin, ects. Of course I said you can handle because you will need to have a presence on each of these platforms. That means joining groups that allow you to post your website or post link, reading/visiting other people websites, and making comments. This is the fourth way to increase traffic to your website or blog. The fifth way is…
  5. Link Party. You want to join a link party. There is always one going on for each day of the week to get your website or blog name out there. Go crazy and have fun.This is the fifth way to increase traffic to your website or blog. The sixth way is….
  6. Be patient. You need to be patient and never give up. These methods are not going to skyrocket your website or blog traffic over night. It will however, increase it over time and before you know it your blog will be consider one of the best ones out on the web. However,for that to happen; you need to be patient, work hard and focus. 
And that’s it. If you have any questions about something just write it down in the comment section and the mist requested one I will do a post on to answer. Or if this has help you just write out a little bit of a thank you I would be gratful. Until next time.

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