How To Over Come Procrastination and Slothful Behaviors

So you have been procrastinating a lot lately and you are now wondering “How do I stop this behavior?” Well…you have come to the right page. I too have gotten the procrastination bug over the years. It is something people of all age, race and gender has gone through every now and then. It is a very common thing.  Now you are thinking “Okay… that’s nice but how do I break this behavior?”
Well to be able to solve a problem one first needs to know the root of the problem. After all not every procrastination is cause by the same reason.Take a look at the image below. What do you notice? 

Did you notice that procrastination can have multiple causes? From laziness to fear of failure to perfectionism to many more can be the root cause of an onset procrastination. Thus it is improbable to used just one approach to solve your problem of procrastinating. So, before I can help you we first need to find out why you are avoiding whatever it is you are avoiding. I will give you a couple of minutes to think it over. Close your eyes and starts doing a bit of soul searching. Ask yourself why am I procrastinating? Why am I putting things off even though I know it is important? Is it because it is too much and I believe I can not finish it or do it on time? Is it too overwhelming? Is it not clear what are I am suppose to be doing? Is it because I fear the outcome? Ask yourself these questions.
Be honest and write down whatever you believe the root of your problem is. Once you figure out why you are procrastinating you can then move on to the next step. This step require you to do a bit of  thinking and self motivating.
 If your procrastination is due to a fear of failure, remind yourself that if you do not even try you would already have failed. After all a seventy is better then a zero anytime of the day or week. And a half finish project is better then no project. The same way an unedited but complete book or essay is better then no book or essay. Or if your procrastination is because you are bored with the assignment. You can try to make it interesting. Say if you are a visual person you could try drawing an image of what you believe the assignment is about along with say writing the paper/essay you have to do. Be creativeness. 
This is how I personally have found to beat back procrastination.

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