Want To Win A Free Vacation Trip?

I don’t know if a lot of you lots on the internet have seen or know about this yet, but…the is this thing the South Korean Tourism Organization is doing for their global tourism campaign called “Write Your Name In Korea” that I believe is awesome. Now I know you are most likely thinking “Why should I care?” Well you see this campaign also includes a contest and this contest is for a free trip to Korea. Now you are thinking “Okay that’s great but….am poor. So if I enter and win, how am I going to….?”
Well don’t worry. Why? Because the South Korean Tourism Organization will be giving their 6 winners plus their plus ones not only a ticket to fly them over but also a ticket to fly them back home as well. Yeah a round trip ticket. So no fear of getting stuck in a different country. But wait! The is more! That’s not the only thing. They will also give the winners and their plus ones a 3 night accommodation and a day tour. So no need about worrying about expenses because the South Korean Tourism Organization will be footing the bill. And the other cool thing is that they will also have your name engraved on a road in Korea. So now you do not have to go be a movie star or something to have something name after you. You can have it done for free and just be a average Joe or Jane. And later in the future when you have kids and grand kids you can tell them about it and show them as well.
So how can you get all this? Well all you have to do is go to imagineyourkorea.com and enter before September 30 2015 for a chance to win a free trip to South Korea and have your name engraved in a road.
So what are you waiting for? Get to it. This is a very opportunity to get something free, experience a different culture and have your name on something. Until whenever. Peace out.

Fast and Easy: School Lunch Sandwich

So sometimes in the mornings, especially if  I have time, I usually make my own lunch before heading out and one of my favorite lunch type I like to make is the egg sandwich as I have come to dubbed it. Below are the ingredients and instructions on how to make it. Let’s get started.

You will need….

  1. One or two eggs
  2. A frying pan
  3. Tomatoes
  4. Lettuces 
  5. Bread (French optional)
  6. Pepper
  7. Ham or turkey slices
  8. An oven 
  9. Ranch dressing or mayonnaise 
  10. Knife
  11. Cutting board  
  12. Stove
  13. Bowl
  14. Cheese (Optional)
  1. Turn on stove, grease up frying pan and place it on the strove
  2. Get your eggs and crack them open
  3. Make your eggs which ever way you want them, scramble or sunny side up.
  4. Pour them into the frying pan
  5. Make them as you wish
  6. Once done, of the strove and place your fry eggs into a bowl or plate and set it aside
  7. Next grabbed your cutting board, make sure it is clean and so is the area you are going to be working at, and a knife
  8. Next cut up your tomatoes, lettuces and peppers
  9. Place them aside
  10. Then cut up your ham or turkey if not already cut 
  11. Place them aside
  12. Grabbed your bread and cut it open (vertically)
  13. Next place into your bread your lettuces, tomatoes, peppers, eggs, and ham or turkey 
  14. Finish it all up by adding in ranch dressing or mayonnaise 
  15. Close it up and place it in the oven 
  16. Let it toast for a bit and you are done
For this to be even faster I usually cut up my ingredients the night before so the only thing am doing the next morning is your setting everything up. Of course sometimes for dessert I make this Mini Chocolate Cake ….

click here to view how to make it. Thanks for reading. Until next time. 

Textbook Solutions

So if you are a university student and would like to buy your text books cheap, because God in heaven knows your university bookstore isn’t cheap, you can try this place. It is called textbook solutions and they promise to sell you cheap and affordable books. Now am not sure if they have their stores over seas, for my non-Americans readers, however that is not much of a problem because they have a website where you can order your text books. It is free shipping for anything over $50, so yeah, and it can be used for either receiving your books or reshipping them back if you do not want them. And if you do not want to buy because you will never need to use that book or that subject ever again in your life, upper level math classes am looking at you, you can just rent out the textbooks. Yay! For convinces. You can also sell your old textbooks to them. So, for those of you wanting to make some quick cash without much hassle they may be perfect, just the thing you need. Anyways that’s all am out. 

Jokes 1

These are some conversations jokes I have read or heard before some from online and in person.

  • Joke 1

Person 1: “Why was six afraid of seven?”
Person 2: “Why?”
Person 1: “Because seven was a registered six offender”
Person 2: “Bwahhaha! What?”

  • Joke 2

 “So two sheep walk into a bar. The bartender asked them their order. “What are you having?” He says and the first sheep says “Maaaaa!” The second sheep turns and says to the first sheep. “We are in America! We say Baaaa! Not Maaa! What are you a Canadian?”

  • Joke 3

So two fish were placed in a fish tank and one of the fish starts to scream and splash. “Help! Help!” So the second fish turns to the first fish and asked. “What? What is the problem?” The second paused and answered. “Am drowning!” The second fish stared, opened his mouth and said. “You are a fish. You can swim.” And the first fish said. “I know but I was hoping the humans didn’t know that.”

Welcome Week

You know the best part about going back to school? Especially going  back to university? Welcome Week! The week I have dubbed on my calendar as free stuff week because that is exactly what happens at my university. We get free stuff from clubs, departments and staffs for like a week. For a week if you go to my university-I do not know about your university- free stuff. Of course most of those free stuffs are like snacks and very cheap items but nonetheless it is free. And beside it is the thought count I supposed. The thought to bribe us into thinking we are special. So for a week we are treated like royal, given free items and food then the rug is pulled from under us and we are made to paid for things in the bookstore that are way cheaper somewhere else. But nonetheless free stuff week! And this year was just as wonderful as last year if my memories serve me right.

  • This is my bounty from the second day. The first day I missed the times the when the tables where out 

  •  More pictures

I think my university is secretly trying to make us all fat or something because seriously there were a whole lot of junk food being given out. Am not complying. I like junk food sometimes. Too much though and I starts to feel sick.