Back To School Preparations

As much as we hate to admit it -parents,teachers, students- summer is almost over and school shall soon be upon us. Which means we have to start preparing ahead of time for that first day. So what show we do? Well…there are a few things we should always make sure we have done before the school year starts. These things are….

  • Classes- Have you sighed up for your classes? And not just sighed up but made sure that they are the correct classes to take for this upcoming year? You do not want to make the mistake of sighing up for a class you do not need and wasting your time in school. 
  • Payment- For those in college and private schools have you pay off your tuition? Or at least have a payment plan thing going? Because unlike public school these things cost and without paying your dues you are out of school. 
  • Text books- Have you figure out which text books you shall need for the school year? Because a text book can make or break a student. With the correct text book even if the teacher do not teach well the students can self teach themselves. However, with out a text book and a not so good teacher it will be like going up a steam without a paddle. 
  • Fashion- Everyone else knows school is a mini society so the next thing to make sure one have done before returning to school is clothing for the first day and maybe the week. Something cute and comfortable  but fashionable. After all you are dressing to impress. Showing off the new you from over the summer. And what better way to showcase that then with new clothes and shoes your friends and classmates have never seen you in before? 
  • Supplies- Making sure to get the required supplies for your classes is a must. With only three weeks or less left before classes starts, right now is a grand opportunity to start gathering one supplies if one have not done so already. 
  • Reading- Last thing to do before the school year starts is to get all your require reading (Looking at you AP students) out of the way before classes start. Usually teachers like to test students on the first day of school on rather or not they did their summer reading. And we all know you do not want to start of the school year with a giant “F” because you put aside reading. 

These are some of the few things to have done in preparations for the upcoming school year. Thanks for reading. 

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