Where to get Freebies for Back to School

So it is that time of the year again, the beginning of a new school year, and as such some of you have the misfortune -thanks to this economy- of not having enough money to pay for your child(ren) items for the school year. So, we here at Q and A Blog have seek out information on how we can help you to be able to pay for such expenses. Below are one of the many ways you -parents and students- can cut back on cost.

  • Faith based organization- At this time of the year, places such as churches usually have a program in place dedicated to helping families and children in need of supplies for school. Supplies such as backpacks, school items and sometimes even clothes. 
  • Stores- Around this time of the year places such as Walmart, H.E.B and Target are running their annual back to school drive and offering to provide supplies for kids and families in need for the upcoming school year. Salvation Army is another store that offers something like this as well.
  • Government- Of course faith based organizations and stores are not the only places to get some free supplies for school. Your local government usually have an annual back to school drives where they provide supplies for those with in need. 
  • Websites- Websites such as Amazon.com also is in on the game. For them however it is giving out e-textbooks to be download off their site. So if in need of a textbook visit Amazon.com.
These are just some of the places to get free items for this coming school. Thank you for reading.

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