Inside Out: Whose in Your Driver Seat?

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So I saw the movie “Inside Out” -very cute movie- and it got me thinking. Who or what is my driving emotion during the everyday ups and downs of my life? And well I realized something. My everyday emotion is Joy like Riley. Which then got me thinking some more. What about the other emotions? Where do those other emotions rank for me? Well after much thought -5 minutes of thinking- this is what I can up with. For me…

  1. Joy- Joy is my primary emotion. for some strange reason it is my core emotion. No matter how bad a situation is I always seems to find joy.
  2. Anger and Sadness- After Joy my secondary emotions are Anger and Sadness. Anger is my secondary one because well people can be jerks sometimes and it is also a self defense again fear. However, as quickly as it comes it also dissolve because Joy takes over eventually. Sadness, if Joy was not primary emotion could actually surprisingly enough be my primary emotion. For some strange reason I adore being sad at times. Which is strange I know. Because nobody wants to be sad. But I think sadness is just as wonderful as happiness and joy. For how can we appreciate Joy with out first knowing sadness? 
  3. Fear and Disgust- After Anger and Sadness my ternary rank emotions would be Fear and Disgust. For some strange reason I do not find a lot of things disgusting. Oh well… And Fear is rank last because Anger and Joy usually makes my fears go away. Joy makes me curious about the unknown and Anger helps me stands up to my fears even if I am petrified.
What is your emotions rank? 

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