Sometimes we fail in life, my child, toppling from up high
Sometimes life do not always go our way. 
Sometimes we cry, alone and in the dark
Sometimes we get lost, forgotten among the mass
Sometimes other hate us 
Sometimes for good reasons
Sometimes for no reasons at all, other then the fact we exist
Sometime we hate others 
Sometimes we justified our reasons why we do 
Sometimes we do not even tried
Sometimes we care for others, for humanity 
Sometimes we don’t care one bit, it is just too much
Too much sorrows
Too much suffering 
Sometimes that’s okay
Sometimes the kindest thing to do is not always the nicest thing to do 
Sometimes we hurt others trying to heal them
Sometimes others hurt us trying to help us
Sometimes we can save
Sometimes it is impossible
Sometimes we have dreams, beautiful dreams
Sometimes we just have nightmares
Sometimes life is just life and each piece makes us who we are
Sometimes it doesn’t

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