Murder in The First Season 1 Review

So yesterday, feeling bored, and not really wanting to do anything-cause summer and the day was done- I clicked on my television and visited my hulu page. Moving thought the different shows highlighted for the summer I can across something that I thought was interesting and which did not disappoint me. This something was the show “Murder in the first” created by Steve Bocho and Eric Lodge. So let’s get to the reviewing shall we?

Plot Summary:
San Francisco homicide detectives Terry English and Hildy Mulligan investigate two seemingly unrelated murders only to learn that both of the victims have ties to Silicon Valley prodigy Erich Blunt. What follows is sex, murders, and scandals.

What I like?
I like the way I was kept on my feet trying to guess who did it. It was very well executed. If you love murder mysteries done right? Well this is something you will enjoy very much. I also adore the characters. Terry and Hlidy were fun to watch as they progress forward in the story. But the actor I adore the most because of how well he played his character, Erich Blunt, was Tom Felton. Dear God can that man act. I also loved the team he had around him they were all interesting. So if you like characters that are compelling? This show is for you as well.

What I did not like?
I personally did not like the ending let’s just put it as that. Other then that I thought it was a good show and sort of unique in it’s own right.

In conclusion it was a great show to watch. It was fun,interesting,and overall a good mystery. I give this a 9 out of 10 because the actors and actress where very good at their roles. Also because I sort of like the way the show was film as well. Now this is just season 1 and I heard the is a season 2 so will I watch season 2 after watching season 1? Need it be asked? Yes! I very much adore this show at the moment so yes I will be watching season 2, just cause I want to see where the director and producers are going to take this show.  

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