First Day of School Look Ideas

Back-to-School.jpg (1198×958)

So, I like many others will be returning back to school on Monday. So I have decided to make a post about potentials outfits. Hope this helps in deciding what to wear back -if you are a student. Let’s get started.

* For Girls *
So for the girl’s list I will be starting of with something simple. Everyone knows simple is best at times and in this case i agree. So what is this outfit…? Well… jeans and t-shirt or blouse. Not just any jeans mind you but a…skinny jean. Yep that’s right …. skinny jean. These babies will never go out of style and you can wear them  all kinds of colors. Also the chances of you getting into trouble for them are slim to none. They are consider pants not leggings which is up to dress code. Take a look below at how this great jeans can be pair off. 
  • Jeans, shirt and flats
womens-plus-the-rockstar-super-skinny-jeans-dark-wash.jpg (260×345)Gaastra-Polo-Shirt-Genua-Women-Blue-1.jpg (460×460)large.jpg (398×398)
  • Jeans, heels and blouse
womens-plus-the-rockstar-super-skinny-jeans-dark-wash.jpg (260×345)neon-shoes-red-bottom-high-heels-shoes-woman-women-pumps-neon-yellow-pumps-Green-Pink-Yellow.jpg (683×433)shirts-blouses-stand-collar-sleeveless-chiffon-shirt-004471_1.jpg (300×450)
  •  Jeans, sandals and shirt or blouse. This one will most likely on be wore by college girls because of the open toe. 
womens-plus-the-rockstar-super-skinny-jeans-dark-wash.jpg (260×345)flat-sandals-for-women-2011-9-13-6-41-4.jpg (900×900)
  • Jeans, boot, and blouse
womens-plus-the-rockstar-super-skinny-jeans-dark-wash.jpg (260×345)wide-calf-boot-kiersten1.jpg (350×350)
Of course if you do not want to go the long pants or jeans route you can always try the next outfit pair off. 
  • Sandal, skirt and blouse
new-roman-flat-sandals-for-women-sandals.jpg (459×525)cute-skirt-for-women.jpg (430×430)
  • Skirt, blouse and heels
wpid-Formal-Skirts-For-Women-2014-2015-5.jpg (1080×1080)shirts-blouses-stand-collar-sleeveless-chiffon-shirt-004471_1.jpg (300×450)neon-shoes-red-bottom-high-heels-shoes-woman-women-pumps-neon-yellow-pumps-Green-Pink-Yellow.jpg (683×433)
  • Skirt, flats and t-shirt
cute-skirt-for-women.jpg (430×430)large.jpg (398×398)Gaastra-Polo-Shirt-Genua-Women-Blue-1.jpg (460×460)
  • Boot, skirt and blouse
thigh-high-womens-boots_14.jpg (570×428)cute-skirt-for-women.jpg (430×430)
Which brings us to our last outfits combo.
  • Flats and a dress
large.jpg (398×398)rockabilly dress 2.jpg (932×520)
  • Heels and a dress
rockabilly dress 2.jpg (932×520)neon-shoes-red-bottom-high-heels-shoes-woman-women-pumps-neon-yellow-pumps-Green-Pink-Yellow.jpg (683×433)
  • Dress and sandals
rockabilly dress 2.jpg (932×520)flat-sandals-for-women-2011-9-13-6-41-4.jpg (900×900)
  • Dress and boots
rockabilly dress 2.jpg (932×520)wide-calf-boot-kiersten1.jpg (350×350)
Of course you exchange which every outfit combo with something else sure as just wearing sneakers with your outfit instanced of boots or heels or flats.

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