First Day Back to School.

Alright so yesterday was the first day back to school for me – last fall semester ever in college *fingers cross*- and it did not start of well. First I woke up basically very late -I kept on waking up every few hour or so during there night which made me tried- I did not have breakfast -every one know you should at least have some form of food before leaving the house or you might be tempted to buy and eat out- and I almost missed my ride. Only to get the school and find out that my class was not at 8:30 a.m as I had thought but rather at 10:00 a.m! !0! So i basically rushed for nothing all of yesterday. However, it wasn’t all too bad. I got to ride on my city electric rail, train, and I saw some beautiful architectures. I also was able to people watch and have some great pizza. So it wasn’t all bad I supposed. It could have be worst I could have gone to class in only my underwear. Below are some of the pictures i took of my day.

  • This is just a view from the 4th floor of my college. 
  • This is a photo of the lovely electric rail, train, that stops right in front of my university. 

  • Photo of the pizza I bought because I had skipped breakfast and was starving. It was surprisingly the cheapest food I could get without spending too much. 

  • Photo of the pizza it self.
  • More photos
  • This is just a photo of something I saw why heading to get my pizza in the downtown area. Can you guess what it is?

  •  This is a close up. Now you know. 

I also saw a dead bird but was not able to take a picture. Until next time.

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