The Poet Escape Review

So the “Poet Escape” by the author and blogger Saccheen Laign is a book about…you guessed it! Poems! And today I will be doing a review of her work. I will be giving my honest opinion on the good, the bad and the ugly of this book. In other words what I thought the author did well and what I believe she can improve in. So let’s get started.

The Bad
So am going to start this of with the bad or what I believes she could do to make her book better for me as a reader.

  • Pictures- I do not know how to say this but I am a visual person. Which means I like pictures, especially for a book about poems. It just not the same without pictures when reading a poem book. My suggestions would be for her to partner up with a painter or an artist who can draw to paint or draw at images for her book. It could add a lot of value to it of that am sure. Take for example “Dark Emperor and other poems of the night” by Joyce Sidman and Rick Allen. The best part of that book when I first read it with my classmates and friends was trying to figure out what the poem was really saying with the pictures as well. It give me pause and allowed me to think and ponder. Which brings me to the next thing.
  • Theme- I am sorry but I really had no clue what the theme of this book was. For instance I know the theme in “Dark Emperor and…” was about the night. Said so in the title and was repeated throughout the book. Which was great. So I wished the was a underline theme tying each poem to the other in some sort of a way in this book. Which brings me to the next thing.
  • Simple- The book was too simple, didn’t allowed me to think about and ponder what was going on. It told me what was going on and not allowed me that extra doubt and mystery. Like is this what it means or…?
  • Price- It is not being sold for cheap. When I last looked it was being sold at $25 a book. Which is way too expensive. Other books of it’s kind is being sold for 14 or 13 dollars and less. Yeah I got beef with anything that cost too much not going to lie.
The Good
So now am going to leave things on a positive not. I am going to talk about the good.
  • Some of the poems- Though I did not really see an underline theme tying each poem together, I however did see and read some potentials poems which if recrafted and placed in a boo with others like it could be brilliantĀ 
Overall I give the book a 3 out of 5. It has potentials just needs to be work on a bit. That’s all. I hope this wasn’t too mean. It’s just my honest view on the matter.

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