Blind Spot Tv Theories

So after seeing the first episode of this show I have come up with at least two theories as to who or what the mystery woman is.
Theory 1: She is an time traveling agent sent into the past to change the future. What evidences or reasoning do I have for this theory? Well it is implied that she is an Navy Seal however the are no female Navy Seal….yet. Which means that she is from the future. Another clue is her Tattoos. They give clues to things and cases that have not been solved yet. Which means for her Tattoos to be able to predict things to come they must have already happened in the first place. The third clue is the flashback. In it she seems to be talking to an older agent Kurt Weller. So yeah it is very possible that she is a time traveling agent from the future and most likely agent Kurt daughter or granddaughter.
Theory 2: She is a false agent who is planted into the FBI. See the tattoos are all false and agents from whatever group she is working with are going to try to make them seems true.In other words they are going to work behind the scenes to make it look like her tattoos are predicting the future when in truth what ever group she belongs to are actually manipulating everything. This theory would explained Chao statement and his deal with the mystery man.
Anyways these are the two theories/directions that this show could go in from what I saw in the first episode. Thanks for reading. 

Blindspot Season 1 Episode 1 Recap and Review

BlindSpot? What I can I say? It was one of those most anticipated shows of the fall season. With a promise of action, adventure, mystery and a hint of romance BlindSpot had it all or rather it had us expecting it all. So now the question becomes did the directors and producers delivered as we- the viewers- expected? Well to answer that question I am going to do a quick recap then a review to see if this show actually give me -the reviewer- all I expected it to and maybe more. The will be spoilers so if you have not seen the first episode please gently click the back button or the x sign and leave. Thank you. As for the rest of you shall we start?


It is the middle of the day in time town square, people are going about their businesses as usual, life seems pretty good then a police office noticed some thing strange and highly suspicious in the middle of the crowd. It is a bag just sitting or rather laying there by itself. He asked around if anyone has lost the bag when he received no answer he turned to the tag on the bag to figured out the owner. Upon turning over the tag, he reads the words “Call the FBI”. So what does this person do? He called the hotline for strange and maybe dangerous things, he called in the NYPD. Which is not the rightful and most logical thing to do. I mean the tag said call the FBI but whatever. It might have been a bomb for all he knew. So the authorities arrived on the scene and get right to work. They evacuated the area, making sure all the citizens are safe and far away, then they processed to open the bag and see what is inside. Or rather the guy they sent to open the bag, started to move to opened it when the bag started to open itself and out popped…

3516858-freddy-freddy-krueger-33746737-500-614.jpg (781×960)

Freddy Krueger! Nan…..I’m just kidding. Out popped a fully naked, yes that’s right fully naked and not half naked, woman covered in tattoos from neck to toes. This….

blindspot.jpg (2882×2008)

Anyways the agent that was sent to manhandle the bag is shock! Just simply shock. I mean I would be too if a fully naked woman popped out of a bag, in the middle of town square, that I thought was a bomb.
Anyways the scene changed from the naked woman in town square to a raid about to go down. This is where we meet our second main character agent Kurt Weller. It appeared he is handling an hostage situation where a man is holding captive a couple of women and a baby. It appeared the situation could end up in a blood bath so agent Weller, using door charger, cut a hole in the ceilings to have the man holding the hostages to fall down with out any harm coming to the hostages. After the situation is handled, agent Weller goes outside and is told he is needed in New York right away. So he goes.
When he arrived, he is quickly briefed on the situation at hand. It seems that the naked woman found in the middle of town square have no memories of who she was or why she was in that bag. Only clue the FBI have on her is agent Weller name that was tattooed upon her back in large print. Which is why agent Weller was called in the first place. They wanted him to id the woman. Only problem, he does not know her at all. So more questioning took place and the woman tattoos are scanned and uploaded into the data basic. Anyways things happened and Weller and her talked. Afterward she is allowed to view her own tattoos as a way to see if she could recalled anything. She recalled nothing but learned that she could speak Chinese when she is able to read and translate one of her own tattoos. Of course it only give a location and a date and nothing more. So hopeful they visited the address with her in tolled, hoping to locate some information on her at said address. They arrived but none of the agents on the case can speak Chinese so they used her as a translator. While there they learned the person who used to lived at said address have created a bomb which they planned to used. Things happened and she learned she can fight. More things happened and we learned that she might be an female navy seal which do not exist yet. Anyways more stuffed happened and the bad guy is defeated and taken in. Life appeared good for the mystery woman and agent Weller. Through they had not found out who the mystery woman was or is they did found out other information about her. The end or least to be continued.
So did this this episode give me-the viewer- what I expected? Actually yes and more. It was interesting and the pace was not so bad. What I liked was the fact that this episode made me think and also started theorizing about what could be happening for the rest of the season. So far I have come up with two theories. What else did I like? I like the pacing so far. What I look forward to for the rest of the season is figuring out not just the mystery but also the characters as well. Like who is agent Weller? Who are all those other people working in that FBI head quarter? And who was that mystery man that killed Chao and why? Until next time.

Fall Tv Look Forward Part 1

So theses are the shows that I am looking forward to this fall….

  • Angle From Hell that stars Jane Lynch. Why? Because it seems like it would be very funny and almost anything with Jane is usually funny. Usually. And kind of sad too.
  • The Bastard Executioner- Why? Because I like historical drama and sometimes I lean a thing or two that sometimes comes up again during class. Which is shockingly funny because people always say TV will rot you brains. For me however it ends up teaching me things or at least tiring it back to something I have learned in school or will learn. I guess it pays to watch television.
  • Ash Vs. Evil Dead- Why? It looks bloody and I love gore sometimes. It also supposed to be funny. I love funny horrors especially when it comes to zombies. I mean the walking dead is great and all but sometimes funny horror is just better. 
Anyways these are just some of the shows I am looking for to for this fall.