New Month Resolution: September

So, you know how most people have a new years resolution? Well, I have a new month resolution or rather I have decided to have a new month resolution every month starting from now on. I mean why should I wait till the end of the year to do a resolution? So what is my resolution for the month of September?  Well….

  1. Schedule- I have decided for this month to keep an schedule for this blog and keep at it. I am learning self management in my business classes so this would be a great opportunity to learn to manage myself.
  2. Fashion and clothes- I am going to do some fashion and clothes related posts on this blog. It is going to be maybe something that happens in a once in a blue moon sort of thing but I would like to try my hands at it. It might be fun. I like dressing up and I like dressing people up. I also like blogging. So….why not combined my likes?
  3. Gym- This is something personal but I want to go to my university gym -which I sort of stop going to during the summer because I just never when in that general direction- at least twice a week. It is free for me as a student to used the gym, I should used it while I stay have there chance. 
  4. Food and cooking- I will try to cook more often and um…try to eat more healthier. Less junk food even if I do make it my self and more healthier and whole foods. I am not getting any younger and those things cause me problems later on down the road.
  5. School- I will try to finish all of my university related work before doing this blog. In other words I will try to finish most of my homework and quizzes days, maybe even weeks, ahead of the due date. Just so I can have plenty of time to do this. 
  6. Bed Schedule- I will try to  go to bed on time and wake up on time so I am not late for any of my classes. 

Well that’s it. any more and I am afraid I might not be able to reach my goals. Thanks for reading. Until next time.  

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