Up or down

The mind is a very fragile thing. It runs around and gathers up those thoughts from the past and present. It gathers up those memories both good and bad. Sometimes you’ll look back and think what if it could have been? Then you tell yourself you wouldn’t be where you are if you didn’t make that memory or regret. People say cheer up, be happy, you made it this far. You doubt yourself, you know there’s something missing but it’s from you not anyone else.
Your doubts are the very little things that hold you back. Those doubts are the doubts that keep you off the ground but put a limit on you, when in reality you have no limit. You brush your doubts away and think of happy memories and thoughts, but still your  doubts seems to slide in and take over like you’re forgetting to do something. They take over and suddenly it’s all changed, that happy person you used to be is gone.
Every detail of doubts surface and clouds away all the positive thoughts. Each thought replaced with some kind of paranoia. Each thought as some hold to tell you it won’t matter, there’s no difference, people will just see it and walk pass it like it doesn’t even exist. If they do happen to notice it they still won’t care because it’s not them in that position and they will tell themselves, “I’m glad that’s never going to be me.” Those people who say they’re glad they aren’t in a doubtful state of mind and often forget they were in that state of mind before reaching their success.

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